Zinnias in a Vintage Box

This is a watercolor painting of one of the very first arrangements I did when I started growing flowers.

I grew a bunch of salmon colored zinnias and when I saw this vintage turquoise metal box come up at a local auction I knew it was perfect to put some of these zinnias in.

Josh, my husband, gave me grief for spending so much money on an old green box. Later he came back and said it was a good find - but he still likes to tease me about it!

"Zinnias in a Vintage Box" features flowers I (Valerie Miller) grew in my garden and flower farm in one awesome canvas print.

Arrives with fully printed gallery wrapped edges, no need for a frame, with a built in hanger ready to hang straight from the box. 

Made In Iowa

Available in 5 sizes.

· 6" x 6"

· 12" x 12"

· 20" x 20"

· 30" x 30"

· 40" x 40"