A fresh collection of flower art created by Valerie Miller (that’s me!) with flowers my family I and grew from our flower farm and gardens.


All paintings are created, printed and made with love in Iowa by us. Which means you can have art in your home that means something.

~ From Seed to Canvas™

New art arrives frequently.

Most of our prints are high quality canvas prints that are 1.5" thick.

They arrive with fully printed gallery wrapped edges, no need for a frame,
with a built in hanger ready to hang straight from the box. 


You know that heartsong? That thing or things that make your heart just sing and rise above your body?

I LOVE THAT. I want more of it. Locally grown flowers make this happen for me - I'm not sure why. But they do. And they make me feel good and light and healthy and alive. Maybe that's not why I started growing flowers, but that’s why I'm going to continue growing them.

And I hope I can capture a fraction of that feeling in the artworks I create from them - and I hope you can feel this too.

Steel Cow Flower Art came out of a desperate need to create lasting art from all these beautiful flowers we are growing. I like to think of these artworks as a fun way to give those you love fresh flowers - just not in the normal way you think of fresh flowers.

These paintings work great in your home, for gifts and in the office.


Most of the artwork are paintings but I have some illustrations as well. Even though I am new to flower art, I am not new to artmaking. It's the only thing I've ever wanted to do and I've been a professional artist since I was 22.

Here's to the dreamers - as dreams really DO come true!