There is! Here's the jist of it:

-I (Valerie Miller) am the artist and owner of Steel Cow (an online art company where we make super cool products based on my cow and animal paintings.

-My family and I started a lavender farm in 2020. Our lavender and lavender products aren't quite ready yet.

-While we were planning our lavender farm in 2020, I got completely overwhelmed from raising 3 little boys and NEEDED to do something new so we started growing flowers.

-The flowers became my muse and now we have a whole line of flower art around them.

-We don't want to run three websites - so we we are selling the art prints and lavender on the same website (or will be when the lavender is ready)

-As we are sharing our experiences, we are learning we are all connected in ways we don't even understand.

-Flowers have such an amazing ability to connect with us and help us remember things from our past. They also lift us up when we are feeling down and brighten our days - whether we grow them ourselves, get them for ourselves or give them to our friends and family.

-We want to be a source of inspiration for you - to lift you up, brighten your day or help give someone you love a smile!

-Flowers can say so much and we are here to help you say whatever you want to with flower art!

Yes! Well - most of them anyway. If we didn't grow them it will be mentioned in the description.

It depends on if we are busy or not. If we are fufilling our regular orders, most prints go out within a week. However, we are a small company and if we are busy, it may take longer. If you need something by a certain day - please let us know and we will do our best to get it done.

Our lavender plants are babies right now. We will have some lavender bundles available next year, but the majority of them will be available in the summer of 2024

Sorry - we don't. We print most all of our products when you order them so most of them are made just for you. Returns also take up a lot of time on our end - and we want to focus our time on what we do best - growing flowers and making and shipping artwork.

Iowa! We make all our products by hand and love from our Steel Cow location in Waukon, Iowa. Because we are printing the artwork ourselves, we can keep a close eye on color and make sure everything is as we want it to be - which means more awesome artwork for you! When we get our lavender products rolling we will be making and shipping our lavender products directly from our lavender farm.

Not at the moment. In the upcoming years we will be opening the farm up for visitors and photographers - but we have a lot of work to do first :)

Sometimes! Send us an email with your info and we will get back with you.

No it doesn't. All actual printed artwork will arrive without the Valerie Miller copyright stamp. We put the stamp on our online images because we want people to know I own the copyrights to these works.

Because I want you to know and see that we are real! We are a real family growing these real flowers and making real art from them. I also feel that that the more you get to know our authentic us, the more you feel comfortable buying our products and artwork for yourself and others.

And when that happens, we are able to not only give you great artwork and products that you will be excited about - you also help us share the flower love by providing more memory inducing flower bouquets to people in nursing homes. And that is a beautiful thing!

Actually sometimes I do! I have a lot of responsibilites at home and with our two businesses - so I'm not cheap. But - if you would like more information about having me (Valerie) speak for your organization or company please reach out to us and we will get back with you. Topics can range from creativity to perspective to resiliency to gratitude to finding beauty in the small things in life.