NEW for 2023, Flower Cow Collection Calendars are Here!!!

Each calendar features 12 different images of “the girls and friends” from our Peony and Dahlia Flower collections ready to keep you company EVERYDAY throughout the year.

Available in 2 sizes!  

Our classic individual 5” x 7” calendar cards are printed on sustainable cardstock and slide easily into any 5"x7" frame or can be mounted directly to magnet boards.

Our popular 11"x14" individual poster calendar cards are also printed on sustainable heavy cardstock and slide easily into any 11"x14" frame.

The Calendar Animals for 2023 are: Xena Dahlia, Brigid Dahlia, Ella Peony, Penelope Dahlia, Leona Dahlia, Mavis Peony, Emily Peony, Maddie Peony, Oliver Peony, Ulla Dahlia, Eloise Dahlia and Walter Dahlia.

Made in Iowa by Steel Cow

Purchase both a 5"x7" and 11"x14"  together and SAVE $5.00 for a limited time!

*Please Note

- These are a non-traditional calendar cards (popular amongst us artist-folk!)

- Every month there is a new card that you can place in a frame or mount on a magnet board