My Darling

Gosh I love this piece of artwork - it is one of my very favorites.

It's so simple, yet says so much.

We all enjoy a good stiff pour of what we love.

I happen to love flowers and zinnias and this honeysuckle vine my dad planted at our family home 30 some odd years ago that's still going strong.

This vase/pitcher isn't the most amazing thing in the world, but I got it last year in Door County, Wisconsin in an orchard market store while on a camping trip with my darlings (my family) - so the memory of this is very special to me.

"My Darling" features flowers I (Valerie Miller) grew in my garden and flower farm in one awesome canvas print.

Arrives with fully printed gallery wrapped edges, no need for a frame, with a built in hanger ready to hang straight from the box. 

Made In Iowa

Available in 5 sizes.

· 6" x 6"

· 12" x 12"

· 20" x 20"

· 30" x 30"

· 40" x 40"