A true Valerie Miller original, these gorgeous tulips are in my actual "everyday" cowboy boots. The first in our series of Flower Cowboy Boots, this is the image that inspired me to start this series.

This spring my good friend Hallie randomly surprised me with a wood-fired pottery vase she made.

The vase is very pretty, and when I was looking at it I thought to myself "the opening looks like a boot." Then I immediately jumped to - "I should grab my boots and put these flowers in them and see what they look like."

So I did - and I liked what I saw. And a new series was born!

"Maude" features flowers I (Valerie Miller) grew in my garden and flower farm in one awesome canvas print.

Arrives with fully printed gallery wrapped edges, no need for a frame, with a built in hanger ready to hang straight from the box. 

Made In Iowa

Available in 3 sizes.

· 12" x 15"

· 16" x 20"

· 24" x 30"