My 91 year old grandmother gave me the vessel these flowers are in for my birthday last year. She let me go down to her basement filled with antiques and pick something out. This is what I chose. It's a 1920's vintage Van Briggle Dragonfly Bowl and Flower Frog.

It was my great-grandmother Clara's (who I never knew). Its fun to imagine what kinds of flowers Clara put in here 100 years ago.

"Evangeline" features flowers I (Valerie Miller) grew in my garden and flower farm in one awesome canvas print.

Arrives with fully printed gallery wrapped edges, no need for a frame, with a built in hanger ready to hang straight from the box. 

Made In Iowa

Available in 5 sizes.

· 6" x 6"

· 12" x 12"

· 20" x 20"

· 30" x 30"

· 40" x 40"