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Honestly, I don’t really know. It’s a saying that popped into my head one day and it stuck. A little reminder that as long as I have flowers I’ll be happy. I like this saying so much I illustrated it with some flowers that make me happy - cosmos and bleeding hearts. (Josh and I have actually spoken with a lawyer and we are in the process of getting the saying registered) - as it's our new slogan for our new flower art.


It’s the little things in life that make it worth living AND as long as you know what makes YOU smile and do more of THAT on a regular basis - you'll be just fine.

For me, it’s flowers - but it may be something else for you.

I don’t like the words “give me” but I don’t mean it in the sense of “Give me this, Give me that” I mean it in the sense of a gift. I don’t think any flowers are actually mine and they have to come from somewhere. They ARE a gift and they were given to me - as they were given to all of us as humans. (Actually before we as humans even existed - as I’m pretty sure even dinosaurs had flowers.)

And I don't want you to get the wrong idea - I'm not saying that I'm happy all the time or that you should be happy all the time.

But we can be happy some of the time - and we CAN choose how we feel. And if we aren't feeling great - we can change this by making a change. Any change. For me - I needed a big change.

When I started growing flowers in the spring of 2020 I wasn’t doing well.

I cried all the time and I felt trapped by my three darling (mildly-feral) boys (aged 7-1) and most days felt that I couldn’t even breathe as I was trying to homeschool, paint and run a business.

And this was before COVID really got going!
So we started growing flowers and my focus became less about just trying to get a full night’s sleep or go through a day without yelling at the kids and more about growing flowers with my family and then sharing them with our community.

And I could breathe out in my garden.

And then COVID really set in - And we were okay because we had something to learn and share.
And then in April of 2021 we had a fire at Steel Cow, and although it was awful and we spent months and months picking up from it - it was okay because we had something else to focus on (and had tons of help with people picking up after our fire)
And then we went through another fire less than a year later and although it sucked and my studio still smells like smoke it’s okay because we have something to focus on. (And again - we had tons of help picking up from the most recent fire.)
And for the past three growing seasons I’ve obsessed about flowers. I dream about them. I’ve grown them. I’ve killed them. I’ve nurtured them and picked them. And I’ve photographed them and painted them.
And now I’m ready to share them with the world. And I’m honestly a bit excited and nervous at the same time.
But it will be okay - because it’s not about me.

It’s about you and sharing flowers and flower art with you.

Just like we’ve done with our self serve flower cart for three years now.
And the website isn’t perfect and I’ll add to it and adjust it and change it and that’s okay because I’m focused on spreading joy and adding love into a world that can use a little more love and passion and breath.
And maybe by seeing how we used flowers to overcome a hard time in our lives - you can use flowers to help with something you are going through too!

A portion of each and every sale from Steel Cow Flower Art will go towards providing locally grown memory inducing flower bouquets to residents in nursing homes.

These flowers will be flowers that they, or their moms or grandmas would have grown in their gardens growing up. Flowers like zinnias, sweet peas and sunflowers. While I would love to be able to provide these flowers ourselves - I'm hoping we will soon have more flowers to share with nursing home residents than we can keep up with from our small space - so we will work with local flower farmers to provide these little bouquets to residents to brighten their day and hopefully remember their past and loved ones with a smile.

So, if you do purchase something of ours that is Steel Cow Flower Art - THANK YOU! You can feel good knowing that you are helping to spread the flower love by helping to provide flowers to some of us that need them the most.

With Love,


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Cynthia Lindstedt
Cynthia Lindstedt

February 23, 2023

LOVE THIS! I am a flower-lover, as well — as they reflect the gift of God’s incredible creativity. You Go, Girl!

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